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Culture — Adventure Tours India

Culture — Adventure Tours

India is one of the world most fascinating destination for tourist , it is known for its amazing possibilities to explore its rich and diverse civilisation. Its culture diversity, different languages and dialects in different region , different religions, tribal tradition and their unique customs.

while talking about its different culture heritage and architectural uniqueness in different part of India those of the Palaces, Havelis and forts of Rajasthan, temples, monasteries, mosques and churches through out in India, caves of Ajanta – Alora and pilgrimage sites. Its rich spicy food and colourful festivals those heritage has been preserved till today and make India one of the most important destination of the world

To full fill your wish to visit India’s at its best, Himalayan frontiers offers you choice of the itineraries and will assist you to tailor your trip to explore these fascinating sites and unique culture in the world but are existing in India.