Exploring the magnificent Himalayan range by trekking is a common dream of all the trekkers. There are thousands of trails in this famous mountain range that offer easy, moderate and tough trekking options. Beginners must follow some guidelines while trying Himalayan trekking for the first time.

Have Positive Mindset

Trekking is an industrious adventure activity. Those who go from plane areas to trek at the hilly locations, often find it pretty tiring. However, your positive attitude and mindset can let you trek successfully. Be prepared to get acclimatized in order to give your best to the whole activity.

Set Your Timing

The weather condition of Himalaya is pretty complex and unpredictable. But still, you can manage to trek on it ideally between the months of November to March. It is always suggested to avoid the period of heavy monsoon. From November to March you can get chilling cold weather and it is the time when you can trek in the Nepal area.

Pack Gear Brilliantly

While packing for the Himalayan trekking, don’t forget to pack medicines, first aid kit and government permits and other essential documents. Suitable clothing and shoes are always advised to be packed in an appropriate manner.

Trekking in Himalaya is always appealing. For both beginners and experienced trekkers, certain trails are challenging. Hence, it is mandatory for all to maintain the right measures.

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