If you are planning to go to Ladakh for trekking purposes, then choose home stay for staying purposes. These days, people find Home Stay Trek in Ladakh pretty interesting for various reasons. And the economic condition of the Ladakhi people has improved a lot because of the very arrangement. You will be benefited in many ways, once you select home stay over hotels.

Introduction to Local Culture

Travelling to Ladakh gives you a chance to experience the exquisite natural environment. And a home stay here will let you know the Ladakhi culture in a pretty close manner. You will be adopting and enjoying the pure Ladakhi culture of living for a few days.

Safe Stay Guaranteed

The Ladakhi people are friendly and they offer true hospitality to the guests. It is their caring nature that will ensure total safety for you and your tour companions.

Good Food and Beverages

Home Stay Trek in Ladakh lets you stay with a Ladakhi families. You will get to taste the nicely cooked delicious Ladakhi dishes and the drinks that are locally made.

Healthy and Comforting Atmosphere

During your trek, you will also get good food and other refreshments at temporary cafeterias. These cafeterias maintain eco-friendly procedures to offer good service to the guests and they also keep the usage of plastic low.

Experience the very kind of trip at least once and you are guaranteed to get memories that you will cherish forever.

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