Himalayan FrontiersHimalayan Frontiers
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Destination Nepal

“Namaste” and welcome to the kingdom of Nepal Himalaya. It is bordered by the China to the north and by India to the south, east and west. The Himalayan mountain range runs across Nepal’s northern and western parts, Nepal houses eight of the world’s fourteen highest mountains, including the highest the Mount Everest, lie within its borders with Tibet .The capital Kathmandu is the largest city in the country. The official language is Nepali, Nepal is the only Hindu kingdom in the world after India. While travelling to Nepal you will explore Hindu Temples and Buddhist Shrines scattered all over the mountains and valleys that make up the geographical shape of the kingdom. The cool and peaceful lofty mountains, the freshness of the nature expressed at its best in the crystal clear water and clean air basically, land that might have inspired all those Hindu sages and the Buddhists monks in quest for peace, to set up their spiritual institutions here.

Nepal is the birth place of LORD BUDDHA – The light of Asia. There is a complex blending of Hinduism and Buddhism in Nepal. There are wide varieties of adventure tours such as trekking in Nepal Himalaya, Rafting in Nepal gorgeous rivers and mountain expeditions to Nepal Himalayan peaks.

As there are eight National Parks, thus various wildlife tours in Nepal can be conducted; further culture tours in Nepal can be tailored as well to explore the rich culture heritage of Kathmandu valley. Nepal is also a land of festival: the most important aspect of Nepali culture is the religious harmony and understanding prevailing among the Hindus and Buddhist. Nepal is the only destination in the world which commits you to take higher than your imagination.

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