The Beauty Of Leh Ladakh And Its Monasteries

Leh Ladakh is one of such places in India that require no introduction. The beauty of the snow capped Himalayas along the Indo Tibetan border is worth mentioning. There are a lot of tourist places here which require a good amount of time to get explored. So, this place is always up on the wish list of the nature lovers. Here, we will get an insight about the monasteries and trekking valleys in details.

This is one of the reasons behind the choice of this location. is a must option for the adventure and sports lovers. This is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to discover the traditional aroma village life. The watering land along with the beauty of green natural beauty catches the eye of every tourist.

There are a number of monasteries in this trans-Himalayan region. People visit the top monasteries in Ladakh to get the anticipated warmth and peace of Buddhism. The main Ladakh monastery lies in the ancient region of the Shan. Apart from this, there are few other areas such as Nubra valley and Khardung pass to quench the thirst of nature lovers.

Apart from what is mentioned here, there are countless sights to be viewed here at Leh Ladakh. So, whenever a person visits here at Ladakh, he or she is bound to come back with lots of good memories to be mentioned. The beauty of this region never disappoints anyone.