Pricing and modification of prices:

Interesting prices: Traveling with Himalayan Frontiers directly as a local receptive company in India allows you to reduce the price of your trip due to our existence in country of travel. However our prices are based on a certain exchange rate of Us$ or Euro / Rupee which is subject to currency fluctuations.

Validity of the proposed cost: All proposed prices are valid for 8 days from the date of the proposal. To guarantee the quoted price and availability, it is advised to confirm your booking as soon as possible. After this period all prices are subject to change due to following diverse reasons.

Modification of the proposed prices due to following reason:

Currency fluctuations: After receiving the advance confirming the booking of your trip, the amount of the balance due upon arrival can be changed. If between the time of booking (when Himalayan Frontiers receives proof of payment of deposit) and the arrival in India, there is a difference more than 2% in the exchange rate Euro / Rupee, Himalayan Frontiers reserves the right to change its prices accordingly.

If Airline increase the fare :( where applicable )

During high season in certain destinations airlines may increase their tariff without prior information hence the proposed rates you have noticed in website ( or you may get fresh rates that includes the airfare) is subject to change till the air tickets are not assured or purchased after confirmation of the trek / tours.
Between the time period of purchasing the tour/ trek and debiting the payment to company account or delay of the debiting the reservation payment if the airtickets are not purchased and same time if the airlines increase their tariff , we shall be obliged to increase the proposed cost to maintain the balance. Such circumstances of hiking the air fare may occur any time for certain destinations or date and are evitable or due to late booking of tour trek for higher seasonal period .

Due to hike of fuel prices and taxes: It’s rare that hotelier, transporters comes to this point unless any major issue rise as of fuel price hike or tax applied by concerned authorities. Or it can happened ( for the services in mountains ) by interference of syndicate of field staff / Porters /and pony men in certain circumstances for the welfare of field staff. However minor differences will be bared by the Himalayan Frontiers.

Bank Charges: Clients has to bare the 3.2% of bank charges on total amount those wish to pay by credit cards. Therefore Please add 3.2% on the total amount of the tours/ Treks. If you wish to pay your payment of tour / trek or other related services by bank transfer, the bank transfer charges will be bared by you, for more detail please consult your local bank.